Stuart R. Quartemont


Stuart R. Quartemont has a German-American background and can be considered an International doctor. He is driven by a passion to deliver quality medical aid to the under-served and marginalized people of developing countries. From his early days in medical school, he fully subscribed to understanding and adopting the underlying principles of public health. Dr. Quartemont is also the President of Medical Mission International (MMI) incorporated in Texas where he resides. As Chair of the Advisory Board, he provided leadership for the growth and expansion of the organization. He is particularly interested in making Africans live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. His global experience in a wide variety of challenging medical and public health management in over 10 countries is a great asset. He is committed to the goal of winning healthier people to God through his humanitarian work. Dr. Quartemont also has a great analytical eye for detail; and as a general rule in surgery, serves as a professor in several medical institutions. He is married and blessed with four boys. He is fluent Spanish and German. +1234567890


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