Philip C. Eze


Philip C. Eze is a Nigerian, that can be considered a humanitarian physician. He has dedicated a decade of his professional life to humanitarian causes across Nigeria. He also has a long standing record as a “TV Doctor” and a public health educator. He has the responsibility of coordinating the assembly of senior colleagues and other health care experts, who address a variety of major public health topics and issues on national television. He served as a senior volunteer Medical officer for AM Project of Health and Mission International with Niger Delta Development Commission {a development interventionist agency set up by the Nigerian government to address a decade of neglect in the area). Eze has also worked with Pro –Health International in Jos, Plateau State. As Board member, Dr Philip has conducted several medical mission for the organization, he is considered a tropical medicine expert by most of his professional colleagues. He holds a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery degree, he has additional training in Public Health Management, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) and Hospital Administration. Dr. Eze is married and lives in Abuja, Nigeria. +1234567890
phil eze


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