Jutta Wisura


Jutta Wisura is a German, an advisory Board member of the organisation with over 20 years experience in travel and tours, aviation and tourism. After initial training in Hotel Management, her job as representative for a travel agency took her to several countries. Continued as one of her most important passion she travelled especially in Europe, Africa and Asia such as Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. She is known for her humanitarian disposition by many of her friends in Europe, United States and Africa. Her impressive records in international travels and tourism has bridged cultural gaps between countries and continents. She is highly skilled in interpersonal communication, also due to the languages, she speaks. She has attended several international workshops and trainings. Her birthplace is Göppingen (close to Stuttgart). She speaks English, Italian, learned Spanish and Russian. Recently she learns Greek. She currently resides in Nuremberg, Germany.



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