Conrado Jose Ordonez


Conrado Jose Ordonez is an American who brings vibrancy and nearly 10 years of international medicine experience. His first volunteer work was with Child Family Health International which took him to the four regions of Oaxaca State, Mexico in 2006. As a Board member, he has conducted several medical missions to Nigeria and recently to Honduras Dr. Ordonez graduated from Texas State University-San Marcos and UT-Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, and Texas A&M University Family Medicine Residency program. Dr. Ordonez passion for international medicine has been profound and exemplary and his recent medical mission trip with PROFOH in Taraba and Rivers states of Nigeria was a testimony of that philosophy. He has supported several nonprofit groups to provide quality access to vulnerable populations. A regular financial supporter of Doctors Without Borders to enable that organization provides the much-needed health care for underserved people globally before joining PROFOH. Dr Ordonez is fluent in Spanish and has demonstrated leadership to take the organization to Spanish speaking countries. He has also represented PROFOH at international gatherings such as the IMF/World Bank Spring meeting in Washington, DC. He lives in Texas. #


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