Cliff Jarrell


Cliff Henry Jarrell is a founding Board member of PROFOH. He is an American missionary from the State of Mississippi with more than 30 years experience within the social and health care delivery system. Cliff is well versed in agriculture, engineering, construction and management development with proven achievement in difficult situations, cross-cultural environments with a focus on hospital administration, orphaned and vulnerable, child care, etc. He originally inspired the establishment of organization during his time as Business Manager at the Nigerian Christian Hospital (NCH) in Abia State, Nigeria. He also served in various executive positions in the United States and across West Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana, etc) in areas of development. Jarrell has conducted several humanitarian missions in Ghana and Nigeria. He has won several awards, delivered lectures in Nigeria and Ghana. Mr. Jarrell graduated from the University of Nebraska and New York State Universities in the United States. He is the Chairman of the Global Foundation for Orphaned Children, Nigeria a sister organization to PROFOH. He is married with children, speaks English, German and French and currently resides in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. +1234567890


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