Brian M.Camazine


Brian M.Camazine is an American that has been described by Katie Moore of Doctor’s Review-Journal, as a “MAN ON A MISSION” referring to his practicing surgery on three continents – North America, Africa, and South America. Dr.Camazine can “walk on water” when it comes to bold and innovative surgery. He graduated from Harvard Medical School and certified by the American Board of Surgery in general and thoracic surgery. He received additional training to include Surgical Education: Principles and Practice, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery, Laparoscopy/Laser Training, etc. Camazine serves as a professor of surgery in several institutions including NCH, University of Arizona, Harvard University Extension School, Texas A&M Health Science Center, etc. His research journey has taken him to Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Beth Israel Hospital. Dr. Camazine is also on the Board of several nonprofit groups including International Health Care Foundation and is the founder and President of Earthwide Surgical Foundation, a partner organization to PROFOH. Dr Camazine has 30 years of experience as a missionary surgeon, served in several African and South American countries. He will do anything and everything to save his patients including donating his own blood to anemic patients to enable them to undergo critical life-saving surgeries. He has several publications on Medical and Health Care Delivery, Basic Science and Volunteerism, and made presentations in the US, Nigeria, Mexico, Israel, and Bolivia. Dr Camazine has received several honors and awards, including the prestigious President’s Call to Service Award, President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, letters of Commendation from Eku Baptist Hospital and Nigerian Christian Hospital, both in Nigeria, Illustrious Person Award City of San Lucas, Bolivia, Commendation for Exceptional Performance-Department of the Army, US, American Academy of Family Physicians Teaching Award ,etc .He is married with children and lives in Texas. +1234567890


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