Anita Singh


Anita Singh is of Nepal and Indian descent. She is recognized by many people across the South East Asia sub region for her life of service that has spanned over 15 years. She is driven by an uncommon passion to deliver quality education to Out of School Children in Nepal, her country of birth. Ms. Singh, who is fluent in Nepali, Hindi and English, she is well versed in the social sector, advocacy on education, counselling, development and management with proven achievement in difficult situations. She joined PROFOH as a Country Director, Nepal in 2012 and has worked her way up the ranks to become a Board member within three years. As Country Director she grew the organization and established it in that region. Under her able leadership, the programs of PROFOH grew in numbers and scale; providing humanitarian assistance, health and relief services, as well as conducting classes for children in poor communities. Ms.Singh equally oversees the growth and maintenance of PROFOH’s Programs and increases its membership. Anita Singh is very passionate about children and women empowerment. Her vision is to have every child get free basic education. She is gifted in strategic planning along with an outstanding stamina in emotional intelligence. Ms. Singh holds Bachelor’s in Women Studies and Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Human Resources degree from the prestigious Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Additionally, Ms. Singh has completed several other certificate-based trainings. She has conducted several studies on polluted rivers and its effect on health, gender issues etc. She has also delivered lectures in India and Nepal. She is a respected trainer, mentor, and a coach in gender management. In her spare time she volunteers at children’s homes. In Ms Singh’s own words, “there is nothing more rewarding than making every child educated.” +1234567890


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