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Whether you are working directly with us, providing financial support or encouraging others to do so, partnering with PROFOH can be a rewarding experience.

Our work and dedication to humanity have spanned more than 15 years: providing safe drinking water, education, and scholarships, direct medical services, including life-saving surgeries for vulnerable people throughout the world.

Although our services have touched many, over a million people, one life at a time, these figures are merely a drop in the ocean when compared to the magnitude of the need.

Given the vast population of Africa alone, we are working hard to exponentially increase our efforts, increasing the availability and quality of healthcare will take all of us who enjoy these benefits pitching in to bolster proven strategies and interventions.


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Donation ButtonThe organization would not have been able to provide the critical free medical and social services to such needy recipients without the generous support and donations from YOU; The funds and resources are used to provide free quality health care, safe drinking water, education and other social services to those who need them most; i.e. the poor and medically weak communities across the globe. We ask that you continue your caring and generosity. Please contribute or support us through either of these varieties of ways.


Issue cheque payable to Professionals For Humanity e.V, Germany. Contact for more details


Donate by medical equipment, supplies, and consumables.


Sponsor and/or participate in a mission in any way that you can.


Provide flight tickets and accommodation for volunteers, medical personnel for deployment to any developing country of your choice for the medical or social mission.


PROFOH offers several ways to volunteer, whether in our international offices in Hamburg-Germany, Texas-United States, Accra-Ghana, Lagos-Nigeria, Kathmandu-Nepal, etc.

Volunteers banner imageAs long as, the volunteer is a professional in any chosen profession, he/she can work with our assessment team, man-made or natural disasters, emergency response team, etc, in any or all countries where we operate.

A medical volunteer must have been trained and qualified to respond to surgical and clinical interventions, care management, public health behavioral surveillance, nutrition systems development and/or training of medical personnel.

Volunteer on Water includes sanitation experts, provision of potable water, sinking and digging of wells (both wind and solar powered) and training on simple ways to achieve hygiene and sanitation.

A volunteer in Education (Education continues to be one of the major unsolved problems in developing countries) includes trained and qualified teachers and experts in private and public schools educational systems.

In most instances (subject to funding) volunteers, flight tickets, visas, medical Insurance accommodations and Daily Sustenance Allowances (DSA) are provided by the organization.

Non-medical volunteers are required to complete intensive training before deployment. Duration of training depends on work experience and background.


Advocates who campaign for change serve a far-reaching goal in that they bring about fundamental changes from the inside out; it changes the person, the society, and ultimately the world.

By so doing, you can single-handedly assist to put an end to needless and preventable deaths.

image of mega-phoneSome of the instances of preventable deaths are those due to mother to child transmission of the HIV virus, untreated mosquito nets to prevent the scourge of cerebral malaria in Sub–Saharan Africa Region, or the need for iodization of salt in West Africa to prevent goiter, which has increased over the last decade.

Some of the policies and practices that PROFOH members and campaigners are currently advocating are currently related to governance/the fight against corruption, TB eradication, gender equality/the education/empowerment of women and girls and access safe drinking water.


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