profoh at global thinker forumAll Chapters, as well as volunteers, are members of PROFOH International, the association that safeguards the identity of the organization mission, vision and core values. The highest authority of PROFOH is the International Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Management and the Annual General Assembly (AGA) is made up of members and volunteers as observers. The International Chair of the Board is elected by these bodies and is currently headed Ms. Reem Biasio for a four years tenure, it, however, subject to re-election for another four years as Chair.

The Board of Directors is responsible for safeguarding the organization’s medical and social humanitarian mission and provides strategic orientation to all Chapters. It delegates duties to the Executive Council and holds the Council accountable for those tasks. The Executive Council is made up of Head of Departments (HOD) and Country Directors (CD) and is Chair by the Executive Director. He is saddled with the running of the organization secretariat, provides coordination, information and implements international projects and initiatives as requested by the BOD, He or she operates can operates from any of the six chapters offices.

The current Executive Director is Gbemuotor Kama.

In all the Chapters, we are made of the following professional as members or volunteers; they include doctors, nurses, midwives, educators, lawyers, anesthetists, epidemiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, logistics experts, water and sanitation engineers, administrators and other support staff. We offer comprehensive healthcare, education and water and Sanitation. Where necessary fight epidemics, rehabilitate and run hospitals and clinics, carry out vaccination campaigns, operate nutrition centers, etc. Other activities include the treatment of injuries and disease, maternal care and the provision of humanitarian aid, setting up sanitation systems, supply safe drinking water, and distribute relief to assist survival.


profoh team in ghanaCurrently, there are Seven Chapters. All are independent legal entities and operational presence in ten other countries, each has its own Board of Directors and Chair. All Chapters are with an executive office that raises local funds, support, recruits staff/volunteers for PROFOH’s operations. PROFOH”s chapters interconnect and work together in various ways, and are formally bound as one mandate by a shared name, a shared mission, and vision to the aims and objectives and shared membership of PROFOH International. A Country Director is the head of each Chapter.



Mr. Markus   von –Have — Chair/Country Director

Mr. Andreas Perschke — Member

Ms. Jutta Wisura — Member

Ms. Sabine Dohlus — Member


Country Director – PROFOH GERMANY

Mr. Markus von-Have is the organization country director in Germany. He has increased its membership across that country and represented PROFOH at international gatherings such as the United Nations Conferences of States Parties in Marrakech, Morocco, and NGOs briefing at the UN office in Vienna, Austria. Markus is currently working on several proposals on behalf of PROFOH and also coordinate PROFOH South Africa working closely with that country director.

Contact Address: 112d Worther Weg, 21502 Gessthanct-Hamburg Germany


BOARD MEMBERS ghana flag

Amb. S.L Parker Allotey — Chairman

Dr. Victor Akuoku — Member

Ms. Benedicta Fiowornu — Member

Mr. Edwin Arnong — Country Director


Country Director- PROFOH GHANA

Mr. Edwin Arnong is the organization country director for Ghana. He joined PROFOH in 2011 and works his way to become the country director, Edwin has taken the organization to next level. They have been part of efforts that organized several medical missions across Ghana. Most recently Edwin provided unprecedented leadership during the disasters that struck Ghana,( fire and floods} he graduated from Methodist University College in Ghana.

Contact Address: Exhibition Road, Teek Street, House 5, Donasoman-Accra Ghana


BOARD MEMBERS nepalese flag

Ms. Anita Singh — Chairperson/Country Director

Mr. Ram Charitra Thakur — Member

Mrs. Ram Kumari Devi — Member

Mr. Dinesh Gothe — Member

Mrs. Sumitra Dahai — Member


Country Director – PROFOH NEPAL

Anita Singh is the organization country director Nepal. She joined PROFOH as a Country Director Nepal in 2012 and has worked her way up the ranks to become a Board member within three years. As Country Director she was able to put the organization into that region map, under her leadership the programs of PROFOH grew in numbers and scale, providing humanitarian assistance, health and relief care, conduct classes for children in poor communities. Ms. Singh equally oversees the growth and maintenance of organization programs and the recent handling of the earthquake that struck that country in April and May 2015.

Contact Address: Mahakal, Ward No.6, Madikhater, Kathmandu, Nepal


BOARD MEMBERS nigerian flag

Dr. Safiya Umar — Chairperson

Mr. Olayinka Ajiboye — Member

Dr. Marcie Russell — Member

Mrs. Doris Yaro — Member

Dr. Philip Eze — Country Director


Country Director – PROFOH NIGERIA

Dr. Philip Eze is the organization country director in Nigeria. He also has a long-standing record as a TV Doctor and a public health educator in Nigeria. He is also coordinating the assembly of senior colleagues and other healthcare experts for PROFOH to address a variety of major public health topics and issues on national television. Under his leadership, the programs of the organization have increased in numbers and scale. Dr. Philip has conducted several medical mission for the organization.

Contact Address: 21A Lateef Jakande Road, Ikeja Lagos -Nigeria


BOARD MEMBERS south african flag

Ms. Dawn Spargo — Chairperson

Mr. David Edwards — Member

Mr. Markus von-Have — Member

Dr. Olivier Nwamba — Country Director


Country Director – PROFOH SOUTH AFRICA

Dr. Olivier Nwamba is the organization country director for  South Africa since 2013, he has dedicated his time and efforts in ensuring vulnerable populations benefits from quality health care, He is known by many people in South Africa for his volunteer services. has worked hard with his team, which has taken the organization to next level. He holds a Degree in Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, and Delivery (MBChB.) and speaks English, French, Swahili, Tshiluba, etc.

Contact Address: 10 Dunvegan Street Sydenham, Johannesburg 2192 South Africa



Ms. Angela Chester- Johnson — Chairperson

Dr. Gbaremen Gbanaador — Member

Mr. Cliff Henry Jarrell — Member

Dr. Conrado Ordonez — Member

Mr. Pierre Moranza — Member



Amena Nazami is currently the United States Country Director and also responsible for PROFOH international coordination and development of partnerships in the Gulf States, India, Thailand, etc. Ms. Nazami has two decades experience in public health administration and evidence-based health systems management in diagnostics and investigations, as well as special nursing care and hospice management. She is also a Peace Ambassador and consulted for some large nonprofit organizations outside the United States. Ms. Nazami has championed the social inclusion of people with disability and their access to technology in the developing countries bridge the social gap between North and South

Contact Address: 9894 Bissonnet Street, Suite 100-B, Houston Texas 77036-8239 United States


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