We’re PROFOH – Professionals for Humanity. Our primary goal is to respond to medical & social emergencies with swift and direct interventions.

An American missionary (Cliff Jarrell) in West Africa inspired a group of friends on the need to have an independent and innovative humanitarian organization that could respond on short notice to social and medical emergencies.

One thing led to another but ultimately, Gbemuotor Kama, a Nigerian founded Professionals For Humanity (PROFOH) with Cliff Henry Jarrell in 1998. The official launch was held at the Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, Nigeria in May 2000.

A few years later they were joined by Mr. Markus von- Have, a German.

Till date, we have conducted several medical, educational, and social missions across the developing world, performed free life-saving surgeries for thousands and clinical consultations and treatment for over a million vulnerable and a lot of social work with every professional including college students, medical students, activists, doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, water engineers, education experts, and lawyers.

In recent years, the organization has used our missions as a soft power to demand accountability and fight corruption in complex health sector situations in some of the communities we serve.

We are incorporated in the United States as a 501(c) nonprofit organization as well as several other countries such as Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria South Africa and Germany. We have our membership and activities in many other countries including Brazil, Italy, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, Honduras, Jamaica, India, Kenya, Ireland, Benin Republic, Liberia, Cameroon, India, and the United Kingdom.

The organization is a leading member of several international organizations including the United Nations Global Compact, Stop TB partnership of WHO, United Nations Convention against Corruption, etc.

The organization has participated in several international meetings and conferences by the World Bank and IMF, the United Nations, etc in Washington, DC, Vienna, Dubai, Marrakesh, etc partnered with several governmental agencies in Japan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, etc on special projects.

PROFOH has become a global brand, with a presence in over 12 countries. PROFOH is a recipient of goodwill messages from world leaders such as President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, Mr. Koffi Annan, former UN Secretary-General, etc. The organization has performed renovations of some basic schools, offered local scholarships, and provided portable safe drinking water to thousands of households. Recently thousands of Nepalese earthquake survivors also benefited from our humanitarian interventions.

How we work

Our work in some cases is within existing health and social systems to realize everyone’s right to accessible and appropriate health care and decent living standard focus on weak communities and local Government areas. PROFOH has worked in many Africa countries affected by natural disasters, conflict, major disease threats and health system collapse where the local governments or States were either unable or unwilling to provide basic services such as safe drinking water, quality basic education and health care for large numbers of their citizens. In this context, preventive and curative health services are often severely neglected, resulting in major short and long-term consequences for social and economic development.



The elevation of the human race through medical and social interventions and access to high quality health care by vulnerable populations in all cultures throughout the World.


To support weak and compromised communities globally, to overcome Health, Education, and social challenges arising from ill health, poverty, and man-made or natural disasters. This work substantially supports women and children through critical interventions including medicine, safe drinking water, education, and necessary policies around them.

  • Telemedicine systems
  • Epidemiological and Behavioral Surveillance
  • Health education and curriculum design
  • Water engineering and construction
  • Public health delivery program
  • Training and development of health systems
  • Medical research and consultation
  • Emergency preparedness, deployment, and evacuation



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